Spain’s Most Important Choir to Perform at WYD

DonostiarraMadrid, December 3, 2010 – The Donostiarra Choir (Orfeón Donostiarra) will be collaborating with World Youth Day (WYD) Madrid 2011. The choir will perform at the Youth Vigil and Sunday Mass with the Holy Father, at Cuatro Vientos Air Base. It will offer a concert to welcome authorities.

“The musical repertoire has not yet been determined, but we would like to perform both religious music and folklore pieces from different parts of Spain,” said Choir Director José Antonio Sainz Alfaro.

The Donostiarra Choir is an amateur choir that was founded on January 21, 1897 in the city of San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa (Basque Country, Spain), currently composed of 185 voices. Attesting to its greatness is an extensive list of awards that endorse it as the most important choral group in Spain and one of the best in the world.

Javier Cremades, Main Events Director of WYD, paraphrased St. Augustine, saying: “Whoever sings prays twice. How much truer it is if he sings well and even more so, if he sings not only for the WYD participants, but for everyone who will see it televised as well.”

foto1Bishop José Ignacio Munilla, Bishop of San Sebastián, explained that the initiative arose from a group of people in the city who have now “seen their dreams come true.” “I hope the Holy Father will enjoy your performing, as he is a person with a very fine ear and a highly cultivated soul. Above all, I hope you lift the hearts of the young people who will participate in this event,” stressed Munilla.

The President of the Choir, Jose Mari Echarri, insisted that “the proposal to participate in World Youth Day was received by all our members with genuine emotion.”

The collaboration of the Donostiarra Choir is just another sign of the vast civic platform that is supporting World Youth Day. It is also a sign of WYD’s profound desire to demonstrate “the path of beauty that leads to God,” as highlighted by Bishop Cesar Franco, General Coordinator of WYD and Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid. He also mentioned his sincere gratitude to the Donostiarra Choir for their generous collaboration.

The presentation was held at the Pons Foundation, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with WYD. The mission of this Foundation is to promote the transmission of values in order to promote respect, peaceful coexistence, and social development.

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